Finished Products

By keeping up with the protein waste that's created everyday, we've become a global producer of ingredients that are used in products we need in our daily lives.

Our products are shipped around the world and are used to manufacture a number of valuable household items including everything from pet food, livestock feed, biofuel and cosmetics to fertilizer, soap and dish detergent. We safely recycle by-products, turning them into something that can be used by consumers and businesses across the globe. 

We’re proud to produce a variety of finished products including protein meals: animal blood meal, porcine meat and bone meal, poultry by-product meal, hydrolyzed feather meal, meat and bone meal, mixed fish meal, herring meal, salmon meal, fats and oils: fish oil, poultry fat, yellow grease, tallow, bleachable fancy tallow, extra fancy tallow, technical tallow, and top white tallow. 

Animal Blood Meal

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Meat & Bone Meal

Porcine product Sheet PDF     Ruminant product sheet pdf


Poultry By-Product Meal

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feather meal

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Salmon Meal

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mixed Fish Meal

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Herring Meal

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Fish Oil

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Poultry Fat

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Yellow Grease




Bleachable Fancy Tallow


Extra Fancy Tallow


Technical Tallow


Top White Tallow



We export 65% of Canada's canola oil to Asia Pacific markets.