What we do

NOthing” is important to us.

Because when there’s nothing left - that is when we have done our job. Tonnes of by-products that aren’t in the landfill. Thousands of litres of oil that aren’t dumped. All of this gets collected. None of it gets left behind.

It’s reborn, into ingredients that make a range of sustainable products. We leave nothing behind*

*Except a world better than we found it.

A VITAL Service

While insects, birds, and animals provide a natural cleanup service, humans create more waste streams than nature can take care of. That’s where rendering comes in.  As an intergral part of a sustainable local food chain, rendering keeps energy in the system by creating high value products from materials that would be otherwise sent to land fill or compost.  

Using innovative thinking, progressive processes, and modern facilities, we recycle inedible food by-products and create products such as protein meals and fats which are then sold to customers worldwide. 

Food Waste Hierarchy

The US Environmental Protection Agency created the Food Waste Hierarchy to prioritize actions companies can take to prevent & divert wasted food. Each tier focuses on different food recovery strategies & the top levels of the hierarchy create the most benefits for the environment, society and the economy. 

Our service provides the highest value for pre-consumer food and meat by-product that are not fit for human cosumption.

Great Capacity

With an experienced team, extensive facilities and vast resources, we offer pickup and disposal services in 3 provinces.

We deliver raw material containers to suppliers, ship products globally and offer storage, shipping, refining and blending services through a terminal with a storage capacity of 83,000 metric tonnes.