Environmental Sustainability

Every year in Western Canada, we recycle 1 billion pounds of raw material and collect and recycle 62 million pounds of used cooking oil. Rendering these materials has the same effect on greenhouse gas emissions as removing 150,000 cars from the road each year. 

Our rendering processes are designed to reduce energy and water consumption while minimizing environmental impacts. We also use the most efficient odour control technology available to the industry. Process air is captured on every piece of equipment and directed to thermal oxidizers, which use heat to combust the air at high temperatures and destroy associated odours.  Valuable heat is recovered as steam to support a full-circle processing system.

Our entire system is environmentally efficient and safe. We also recognize that environmental improvement projects typically have multiple benefits.  In 2015, we reduced water usage across our Vancouver facility by 5% with the installation of 12 low volume pressure wash stations.  This project not only reduced our water requirements through a drought summer, it improved the cleanliness of our facility and vehicles, and also reduced the volume of wastewater requiring further treatment.  

Sustainability Reports

A Message from our CEO Barry Glotman

“I am always pleased to share our annual Sustainability Report with you.  Every year we strive to implement the best available practices to our company, improve our environmental footprint, and foster community relations.  We pride ourselves on being thoughtful and well-managed.  As a 4th generation company, we embrace the philosophy of continuous improvement.  If you want to share your comments or would like to use our In The Neighborhood page to profile your community agency, event or services, please contact us We look forward to hearing from you.”

Sustainability Report - Issue 6 - PDF

Sustainability Report - Issue 5 - PDF

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Sustainability Report - Issue 1 - PDF

By installing 12 new high pressure, low volume systems in our Vancouver plant, we’ll reduce water usage across the facility by 5%.