Advantages of Rendering

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With everything being used, rendering is recycling in the best sense of the word. Government incentives are not required to support the industry and we’re able to create valuable long-term employment while sustaining the environment. Although few people really understand the rendering industry, it adds a lot of value to modern life. 

How rendering has changed

The food chain has changed over the past 70 years. With the evolution of meat and fish processing, farmers expanding their livestock production to supply supermarkets, and an increase in volume, by-product recycling now depends on independent renderers, including us. 

Initially, rendering was not seen as a particularly attractive business. The cooking equipment was unsophisticated, the working conditions were hot and harsh and the raw material was unpleasant. However, batch cookers were replaced with new rendering systems, which are operated by skilled personnel. Our industry utilizes state-of-the-art computerized process control systems and operates under regulatory requirements that govern air, land, water, emissions and the environment. 

Today, our plants process increasingly large volumes of raw materials. Our fleets of trucks move raw materials from their respective sources on a daily basis and the nation's food supply is secured as renderers across the country recycle approximately 450,000 tonnes of animal by-products each year.