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Raw Material can be loosely defined as all inedible animal by-products used in the rendering process.

 Examples of inedible animal by products include beef, pork, poultry and fish by-products removed at the time of slaughter or subsequently when trimmed, or handled by secondary processors such as butchers and supermarkets.

West Coast Reduction does not accept pets or road kill for rendering.

A clear distinction is drawn between raw material derived from ruminant sources such as cattle and non-ruminant sources such as pigs and chickens. Ruminant derived material is collected separately and rendered in separate facilities. Similarly, non-ruminant material is collected separately and rendered in separate facilities.

West Coast Reduction provides a permitted  service to restaurants and fast food chains located throughout its area of operations to pick-up used cooking oil. The dumping of restaurant grease in city sewers is prohibited and all used cooking oil accepted by the company is deposited in enclosed containers provided by the company which operates a regular pick-up service to remove used cooking oil to its facilities for further processing, refining and testing. After being recycled, refined and tested at the company's facilities, restaurant grease is used in the manufacture of animal feed fat or yellow grease. Refined restaurant grease can also be used as a feedstock in the manufacture of biodiesel, providing commercially produced biodiesel meets ASTM specifications.

In summary, the suppliers of raw materials are all the participants in the human food chain and include farms, feedlots, hog barns, poultry barns, slaughterhouses, fish processors, secondary food manufactures, supermarkets, butcher shops and restaurants.



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