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Air Quality
Air Quality

West Coast Reduction is an industry leader in air pollution control.

All of our facilities utilize totally enclosed rendering processes operating in enclosed buildings.

In March, 2010, the BC Environmental Appeal Board ruled in favour of West Coast Reduction that air permit no. GVA 0141, issued by Metro Vancouver, is meeting the objective of protecting the environment and does not require an amendment. The Panel recognized the important function that West Coast Reduction plays in the management and recycling of waste from food production, and the work the company has done to address odour.

The Board supported West Coast Reduction's initiatives to identify further ways to reduce odour and continue to pursue efforts to engage the community, Metro Vancouver, and the company.

Click here to read a summary of the decision (PDF download)

Access a full copy of the decision on the Environmental Appeal Board's website:
(West Coast Appeal - 2007-EMA-007, 2008-EMA-005)
(Dickson Appeal - 2007-EMA-008, 2008-EMA-004)

We share local residents’ interest in air quality and are committed to continuing work to further reduce odour from our operations.

Air quality control is accomplished by maintaining negative pressure in our equipment and buildings, and treating the resulting air flow in packed tower scrubbers and thermal oxidizers.

Packed tower scrubbers, as the name suggests, utilize packing materials, usually in the form of plastic or metal cylinders as surface area for contact with an oxidizing agent to destroy the odour causing compounds in the air.

Thermal oxidizers use natural gas to combust process air at high temperatures, thereby destroying its associated odours. They are the most efficient odour control technology available to the industry.

The rendering process itself utilizes no chemicals. Only heat and mechanical processing are used to produce our finished products. Consequently, the air discharged from the process only contains organic trace substances, much like the air around any kitchen stove.

Air releases to the environment are regulated by provincial and municipal authorities. All of our facilities hold permits for these discharges, which stipulate monitoring and reporting requirements.

In addition to our facilities, our large fleet of trucks affords us another opportunity for us to make a difference. Our fleet uses Biodiesel, which is cleaner burning than diesel fuel. This reduces vehicle related greenhouse gas emissions by 300 tonnes every year.



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